The Foundation of Mineral Makeup: What You Should Know

It could be argued that mineral makeup has its roots in bareMinerals makeup but there are a lot of different mineral makeup lines on the market today due to the popularity of mineral makeup.

This is primarily due to its lighter feel, compared to some of the traditional makeup lines that tend to feel heavier on the skin. This means that you can be getting a higher quality makeup when you decide to chose a mineral makeup product.

– Other Mineral Makeup Lines:

Some of the other mineral makeup lines including Loreal Mineral Makeup which is officially called Bare Natural Mineral Makeup. There is also Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup. Both Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup and bareMinerals became popular due to infomercials. So in other words, the two top makeup lines include Loreal and bareMinerals. These are probably the two brands you should look into first.

Other mineral makeup brands include:

– Avon Mineral Makeup
– Mary Kay Mineral Makeup
– Pur Minerals Mineral Makeup
– Simply Karen Mineral Makeup

Keep in mind that there are many other mineral makeup brands and these are just a few of the ones that you can look into. The number of brands is certainly a reflection of the popularity of mineral makeup. Mineral makeup has been around since about the 70’s, however it seems that new mineral makeup companies are always showing up to compete with the older brands who have already made their imprint in the market.

– What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup was born out of the mid-1970’s, in the aftermath of Haight-Ashbury. The “mineral makeup” term derives from the fact that the makeup is made from natural, finely ground minerals that do not include chemicals, preservatives or dyes. These are many things that are also found in traditional makeup. This is to say mineral makeup is all natural. Mineral makeup is light due to the finely ground natural minerals used and is usually applied to the skin with a large makeup brush.

– Skin Health and Minerals?

While mineral makeup is certainly popular there are always going to be those that dismiss the benefits of mineral makeup. However, others say it lasts longer then traditional makeup and can simply not be duplicated, and still others feel that it irritates their skin and shows off their wrinkles rather then hides them.

The thing to remember is that only you can decide if mineral makeup is right for your skin. You may find it is as wonderful as some claim, or you may soon find yourself a critic of mineral makeup and all that it claims to be.

– The Ingredients: What is Mineral Makeup Made Of?

Mineral makeup contains essentially the same ingredients as other makeup. This includes minerals such as mica, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. However, just because these ingredients are in traditional makeup, it does not mean mineral makeup will not work wonders for you, due to the way the minerals are processed.

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