NASA Nibiru Planet X 2012 According To NASA

Is there truth in the NASA Nibiru Planet X 2012?

It all began with the series of books published by Zecharia Sitchin, best remembered for his Planet Nibiru theory. According to Sitchin, this is a rogue planet that follows 3600-year cycle is the home of the terrestrials who taught mankind arts and technology – the Annuki. Sitchin’s theory is largely based on the mythology of the Sumerians. He wrote his so-called findings about ancient Sumerian documents into a series of books whose claims have been debunked by expert scientists, astronomers, and archaeologists. They collectively disagreed with his fallacious interpretations of ancient texts as well as his understanding of physics.

It was only a matter of time until Sitchin’s hypothesis were adapted to those perpetuated by the leader and founder of the ZetaTalk, a website that deals with grey terrestrials called Zeta – Nancy Lieder. Sitchin’s theories and Lieder’s predictions were then combined to form the Planet Nibiru hypothesis which proposes that the Earth will soon collide with a heavenly body – the Planet X to be exact – and cause it to pull away from its axis.

While Sitchin and Lieder take very different views about the Planet Nibiru or Planet X theory, Sitchin being not a proponent that the world will end in 2012 with Earth’s collision with this rogue planet, the fanatics and serious believers of the theory assert otherwise.

Today, while NASA and experts from different fields continually debunk these theories, the believer’s opinions could not be changed. NASA has put it blatantly – Nibiru is hoax. But is it or is this denial just part of conspiracy that blinds people from believing what is true to safeguard peace on Earth?

According to David Morrison, a NASA Space Scientist who hosts the ‘Ask an Astrobiologist’, Nibiru is a no-show. According to him, if a cosmic body is indeed on its way to Earth, space scientists, astronomers, and amateurs and professional enthusiasts could have spotted it a long time ago. No one can hide anything of this size from the public. He further went to say that astronomers – professional or otherwise – have no business or interest in not telling the truth to the public. Besides, something as large as planetary body that is fast approaching the Earth could not be kept secret from the public, even if the government and the scientific community agree to keep it secret.

But as it is, no such planet can be observed in the sky. People could have seen it with their naked eye, as much as they can see the stars in the sky without the aid of powerful telescopes.

It is true though that there are millions and millions of planetary bodies in the Universe which are yet to be identified. While in theory some of these could be good candidates for a planetary collision, NASA denies that it is possible anytime soon. And while it is true that the term Planet X, itself, has been used in the past as well as the present to refer to unidentified planetary objects, it is only used as a general term, an oxymoron.

Are these the Planet Nibiru believers have been raving about? Do these fit the NASA Nibiru Planet X 2012 hypothesis?

The answers – no, no.

NASA Nibiru Planet X 2012 is a hypothesis perpetuated by so-called cult leaders and Planet X fanatics. Is there truth in the claims surrounding the Planet X? Discover the truth on my website.

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