Kids Dentists – How to Find the Best One?

A child’s teeth form while they are still an embryo and start to erupt approximately three months after birth. Deciduous teeth are paramount as they help the child speak clearly, chew and even better, smile. The muscles and bones of the jaw are also aided by milk teeth as they depend on them to maintain proper spacing for permanent teeth. The roots of baby teeth and the path they form provide a stage for permanent teeth.

Details on Teeth Care

A child should see a dentist the time their first tooth appears but no later than the first birthday. A visit to a child dentist is a well baby check up and should be every six months or as prescribed. If a milk tooth falls too early, a permanent tooth can grow in its place and cause lack of space for the other adult teeth to grow. At the first visit, the parent is educated on home teeth cleaning, dietary suggestions among other oral hygiene instructions.

A visit to the child dentist can be very daunting because of the tools on display. However, some great child dentist in Jonesboro GA allows the child to be in contact with the parent during the session. It helps decrease anxiety and makes the experience a little more tolerable.

Further Information Relating to Care Teeth Routine Older Kids

Older kids require a dentist too especially because as from three years they will not let other people clean their teeth anymore. They are more prone to cavities. A cavity, if caught early, can be remedied but the area must be monitored for months after, which is something that Kids dentist in Jonesboro GA will gladly do. That is before it penetrates deep into the tooth. Kids dentist in Jonesboro GA has done their best to make their waiting rooms appealing to their patients.One can find a child dentist in Jonesboro GA by visiting the Homegrown Dental site and clicking on the ‘Find a Pediatric Dentist’ button.

Homegrown Dental boasts of a broad range of certified kids’ dentists with a degree in nutrition and a dental degree from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. McKellar became a child dentist due to her love for children and after a two-year residency. She aims at providing dental care in a way that is comfortable for both the patient and the child. Dr. McKellar also holds licenses that allow her to provide a variety of treatment options.


Caring for your child’s oral system should start from day one. The good thing is that they accept insurance covers. You would not have a substantial reason for not giving your children the best. Usually, the specialists at Homegrown Pediatric Dentistry do not rush into performing treatments. Their primary goal is to help maintain a healthy dental system through recommendations.

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