Credo-TM purchased of a 275M USD agreement with Neuro-Biotech Corp for revolutionary Neuroscience technology.

Credo-TM purchased of a 275 M USD agreement for revolutionary Neuro Science technology.

Credo-TM Corporation proudly announces that it has signed an agreement with Neuro-Biotech Corp (OTCQB-MRES) a corporation with a strong expertise in the neuro science field. The agreement provides that Credo-TM Corporation acquires the exclusive rights to distribute all the licensed blood tests and Neuroceuticals? in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Moreover Credo-TM Corporation will receive all the knowhow for the analysis of the blood tests as well as the right to participate in all new research.

These unique blood tests can determine on an objective scale the level of stress and depression of the brain. Among the other tests, there are some which can provide an early diagnostic of neuro-related diseases such as Alzheimer.

These tests will help significantly reduce the expenditures devoted on these various diseases.


Neuro-Biotech Corp. ( is a public neuroscience medical diagnostic enterprise, based in Basel (Switzerland), and is the first neuro-pharmaceutical company to bring to market analytical diagnostic products specifically designed to facilitate early diagnosis, and monitoring of neuro degenerative diseases. This will allow follow-up treatments, through a targeted therapeutic approach to the major psycho-social environmental diseases related to the neuro-psycho-endocrine and immune systems.

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