Audi Cup 2013

The 2013 Audi Cup will once again present a top-class exhibition tournament featuring the world’s best players in Munich this July.

This means that even with the federal league season ending in May, soccer fans can still enjoy top calibre international football. The Audi Cup brings world football stars together for a final contest over two action-packed days in Munich, which will be hosting the Audi Cup for the third time this year.

International Face Off

On July 31 and August 1 four top international teams will again compete in Munich’s Allianz Arena. The 2013 Audi Cup tournament features FC Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Manchester City FC and São Paulo FC.

Top-class soccer is guaranteed as English and Brazilian clubs make their first appearances in the competition. AC Milan is back from their appearance in 2011, and Bayern Munich as hosts continue their tradition of contesting every Audi Cup thus far.

Knock-Out Competition

The trophy will be contested over two days, with each day seeing two matches played back-to-back in a similar format to that of the latter stages of a regular knock-out competition. The winners of the two matches on the first day will compete against each other for the Audi Cup. Third-place will be decided in a match between the two losing sides.

The format is designed to allow supporters travelling to Munich to watch all four teams on both days. Day tickets are available for the two semi-finals taking place back-to-back on the first day, as well as for the third and fourth place play-off and the final. Kick-off times on both days will be at 18:15 and 20:30.

The official matchups were announced in June. This announcement revealed that Manchester City will be squaring off against AC Milan at the 18:15 time slot on the first day of the cup. Bayern Munich will be facing off against São Paulo at 20:30.

Setting The Pace

International soccer league sponsorship has become a staple of Audi’s commitment to excellence. As a strong partner to a number of different sporting events and teams, there have been long partnerships existing between Audi and both domestic and international soccer clubs.

It is an approach to sponsorship that places particular emphasis on working with the stars of tomorrow to help excellence come to the fore. With an aim at supporting those who are pursuing their vision, a variety of sporting events form an integral part of this approach. This approach can be found in this international soccer league sponsorship.

The 2013 Audi Cup is set to take Munich by storm, as fans flock to the Allianz Arena for two days of top international soccer and an action packed prelude to football season.

Audi South Africa are innovative leaders in cutting edge technology and revolutionary performance. Audi brings this same calibre of innovation and performance to the Audi Cup for top international football competition in 2013.

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